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Assisting Hands for Building and Painting Models

When putting together models and miniatures, assistance is occasionally required.

Do you find yourself wishing you had an additional hand as you attempt to assemble tiny parts for your scale model or miniature kit?

Does a subassembly need to be airbrushed? A supporting hand holder stand might be quite helpful.

I discuss a few of the helping hand solutions I’ve tested or looked into in my earliest years of the pastime in this article.

It can take some time for even super glue to cure properly.

When a model is not kept together in some other way, waiting for the adhesive to dry can be dangerous.

When assembling scale models, having some form of aiding hand tool would be quite helpful.

Scale model trains, Warhammer 40k figures, and other hobby kits need to be put together.

I’ve experimented with a variety of holders and supporting structures, including alligator clip stands for soldering magnifying glasses.

Are you looking for clamps or soldering holders for model construction? Do you need help gluing together or creating models from scratch for your upcoming diorama?

Take a look at some of these tools that can lend a hand that might aid you in your pastime!

The top ten assembly stands and hand tools for hobbies

1. Citadel Assembly Handle

This is the third helping hand that Games Workshop has to offer.

Given that it is made to carry the bases of models from the Citadel series of miniatures, this item is very unique.

The other Citadel painting handles have been discussed here.

I bought 8 of them because I adore them so much. Other excellent model painting handles are available for painting miniatures.

The most adaptable painting handle on the market is the Citadel Assembly Handle. It uses plastic clips and flexible arms (which are quite strong for holding plastic parts).

The complete method is practical for adhering and putting together miniatures.

Additionally, they don’t have to be Games Workshop miniatures.

This method might be used with any model sub-assembly that can fit in the clips and isn’t too heavy.

Citadel Assembly Handle


  • Durable
  • Ergonomic
  • Model bases up to a medium-sized diameter can be clamped
  • The clip arms are adaptable.
  • Inexpensive


  • Only capable of handling and assembling small, light components
  • Clips lack strength (i.e., the clamping strength)
  • The utility of larger models may be constrained by the length of the arms.

2. ABEST Smart Model Hobby Parts Holder Airbrush Spray Booth Holder

This model assembly tool is a “gluing hands” or clip type holder. The six alligator clips are fastened to an adaptable network of rods or “sticks.”

On the weighted base, they can move along an armbar by sliding.

The base is robust and magnetic, which is notable. If you have a metal surface to connect this to, that is extremely helpful.

Even a metal surface that is vertical could be resistant to it. If the weight you are clipping isn’t too heavy, the magnets would keep the system in place.

Your hands will stay free thanks to the design, making it simpler to work with small scale models and subassemblies.

This is excellent for painting delicate, finely detailed objects or gluing together small, discrete sections.

This works great for holding objects that need to be airbrushed in a spray booth.

However, this might not be rigid enough for that purpose if you’re soldering any wiring, in which case I might DIY an extra holder or use one of the other solutions.

ABEST Hobby Parts Holder


  • Metallic building
  • Multipurpose uses
  • Magnetic foundation makes it stable
  • 6 separate clips for holding components


  • For heavier part assembly, it could be a delicate system.
  • based on user feedback, a construction of lower quality

3. Evemodel Painting Stand with Alligator Clip Stick Set

A basic yet highly practical hobby clip and stand design is presented here.

There are 20 rubber-padded tips on the clips.

The sticks and clips are perfect for holding components together during spraying, such as when using an airbrush or an aerosol spray can for priming.

The sticks are less useful for putting model parts together in the stand because they are rigid there.

Evemodel Painting Stand


  • Several clips (20)
  • Most suitable for spraying tasks
  • Strong and enduring
  • Simple to use and have a simple design


  • Mainly restricted to spray applications, such as airbrushing and priming
  • Unchangeable system
  • Clips might struggle to hold very small parts.

4. Yamix Painting Stand Base Alligator Clip Sticks with Base Holder

This is comparable to the Evemodel Painting Stand, except it is less expensive and includes a stand in addition to 10 clips.

The device is perfect for holding model components and tiny assemblies while applying spray paint.

The Evemodel system’s rubber-padded tips are not present on the clips.

Since the sticks are rigid, there are various restrictions while assembling models and figures.

This is something I’d suggest using in a spray booth or as a way to keep painted subassembly parts while they dry.

Yamix Painting Stand


  • Limited footprint (e.g., barely takes up space)
  • Portable
  • Outstanding for spray applications
  • Inexpensive


  • Restricted utility for putting together miniatures
  • Very small parts may have trouble being held by clips.
  • May not support larger subassemblies or heavier model parts, such as pewter.

5. Pros Kit 900-015 Helping Hands Soldering Aid

For those of you who solder wiring and other electronic components, this is a tried-and-true helping hand system.

This is available from any nearby hardware store, such Home Depot.

A third hand tool that you might find handy for a variety of tasks is made up of a robust base and two clips on movable arms.

To maintain the stability of the clips and your parts, set screws are used to tighten down the pivoting arms.

To hold model parts together while you wait for them to dry, the two clips might be too far apart.

But this is a traditional tool for someone who needs to solder or spray paint subassemblies.

Pros Kit 900-015 Helping Hands


  • Simple
  • Limited footprint
  • Robust base
  • Arms that lock using set screws


  • For gluing and assembling multiple parts, arms may not be long enough.
  • Two clips only

6. Beileshi LED Light Helping Hands Magnifier Soldering Station

This third system of assistance is intended to function as a soldering magnifying system.

In actuality, this is primarily intended to be a soldering station with all the necessary tools for assembling (or disassembling) electronic components.

This is on the list because it combines helping hands with a magnifying glass and light.

We just need to look at where we may improve in many areas of our scale and miniature modeling hobby.

Better lighting and magnification result from this.

This system’s lenses have a 2.5x to 10x magnification power. I wouldn’t rely on the LEDs because they seem to be a little underpowered.

This meets all of these requirements, along with clips that can hold little bits as we work on them.

This would be a bad choice for holding parts for spraying applications, such as airbrushing and priming, as I would point out as being obvious.

Beileshi LED Light Helping Magnifier


  • Traditional style for dealing with magnification and soldering
  • Combination of flexible magnification and LEDs
  • Excellent for holding and viewing small parts
  • Magnifying glass power can be adjusted


  • Not recommended for spraying
  • Clip arms will be scarce due to assembling requirements (too far apart)
  • Low LED brightness

7. Ram-Pro Helping Hand Magnifier Glass Stand with Flexible Neck LED Flashlight and Alligator Clips

The Beileshi system’s assisting hand magnifier is the same as this. The Ram-Pro, however, favors a basic design and is smaller.

You can direct the light on certain regions of your work surface thanks to the flexible arm that the LED is mounted on. Glass lens with adequate sharpness for seeing details.

The operating distance between the lens and the subject in both systems is minimal. Be aware that there won’t be much space for working under the magnifier.

Any other soldering helping hand system is the same type as the helping hand clips I reviewed above. Set screws can be used to lock down the pivoting arm clips.

The stand is weighted and should offer a secure way to hold your subassemblies while you glue or paint light-duty details on them.

Ram-Pro Helping Hand Magnifier Stand Flexible Light


  • Limited footprint
  • Adaptable LED lighting
  • A helpful magnifying glass for simple tasks
  • Clips and arms can be locked down with set screws and are flexible.
  • Low price


  • Due to clip distance, assembly applications are limited.
  • For spray applications, useless
  • The working distance of a magnifying glass might not be adequate for every task.

8. Ram-Pro Helping Hands Magnifier Glass Stand with Alligator Clips

The system described here can be created by taking the soldering helping hands system in #5 (the Pros Kit 900-015 Helping Hands Soldering Aid) and adding a magnifying glass attachment.

In comparison to the other soldering assembly tools I’ve listed, the Ram-Pro Helping Hands Magnifier Glass Stand with Alligator Clips does have a slight advantage.

Greater length and degrees of freedom are present in the pivots and arms. This increases the system’s usefulness as a tool for assembling scale models or small kits.

The arms are secured in place by the same locking screws.

The finest value of the group is provided by this helpful hand tool, which costs less than $10.

Ram-Pro Helping Hands


  • Simple and adaptable style
  • Longer arms than other helping hands for soldering
  • Clips move more freely than other types of media.
  • Dependable, small-footprint stand
  • Glass for magnifying
  • Inexpensive


  • In certain configurations, top heavy
  • lacks sufficient arm flexibility to assemble small parts.
  • Two clips only
  • Ineffective as a spray application tool

9. KOTTO Helping Hands Soldering Tool

This is one of the most effective tools available for holding components for gluing and assembly out of all the helping hands systems.

The four arms come in handy when working with small objects like miniatures, scale model kits, crafts, jewelry, and other hobbies that call for a third hand to hold tiny components.

The fully flexible, clip-attached arms are joined to a non-slip, steel-weighted base.

When working with scale model trains and railroad kits, this helping hand design comes in particularly handy.

Naturally, this is more expensive, but it’s one of the best products I’ve found for putting together miniatures and other small jobs.

KOTTO Helping Hands Soldering Tool


  • Four clips-equipped flexible arms
  • Weighted bases offer a reliable base for work.
  • The clips can support the majority of the miniature kit sub-assemblies (or combine clips for more holding strength)
  • Excellent for spray applications as well as assembly


  • Pricier than alternative used clip-holder products
  • OIccupying a little more room than other systems

10. KOTTO Soldering Tool PCB Holder Five Arms Helping Hands

This item is identical to #9 (the KOTTO Helping Hands Soldering Tool), except that it has five arms as opposed to four.

Is this the greatest tool for putting miniatures together and handling scale model parts? Everything hinges on your needs.

When I’m working with multiple pieces at once, the flexible arms with clips have been helpful to me.

It can be difficult to glue legs to a hip piece (such as a Warmachine Warjack model or a 40K dreadnought) since the location needs to be precise.

Additionally, this is among the best helping hand holders for using railroad kits and scale model trains.

The flexible arms are excellent for holding parts that need to be glued together as well as for scratch-building pieces for your model railroad layout.

The ability to combine the holding clip strength of two or more clips is the cool feature I noticed about this helping hand tool.

Simply reach over and clip on another arm to hold everything together if your subassembly is too heavy.

Yes, this is a little more expensive, but when you consider the amount of frustration you can save yourself, it’s worth the money.

Last but not least, this is useful as a holder for spraying tasks like airbrushing or priming. It can also fit in a small hobby spray booth.

KOTTO Holder Five Arms Helping Hands


  • 5 clips are fastened to arms with full flexibility.
  • Consistent holding power
  • Arranged so that each clip can speak to another
  • Works well for spray applications and assembly
  • Decent value


  • More costly than alternative clip-holder systems

Last Word

Because humans only have two arms, constructing miniatures and models carries the potential for frustration.

It resembles motorcycles somewhat. Say what? Yup! Motorcycles only have two wheels, which makes them extremely dangerous. A trike or quad is much less dangerous to ride.

In many ways, having more holders (also known as helping hands) makes your hobby easier and more enjoyable overall.

You don’t need one, of course, but when you do, I’ve found that extra assistance is priceless.

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