About Us

Have you ever thought about miniature painting as a hobby?

Maybe you have even already started painting miniatures, such as miniature painting Warhammer… Or you are just about to start and already have at home a set of miniatures to paint you received as a gift?

To us, painting miniature is THE BEST hobby… Period! A way to relax, chill and enjoy life. Alone or with others… Silently or with music…

We created this blog to share our love of miniature painting with the world. To create a community around painting miniatures habits, tips, tutorials, etc.

You’ll find useful tips for painting miniatures for beginners (available here: Beginner’s Guide) as well as for more advanced painters. News about the latest miniature painting techniques and awesome tips.

We share our experience and what we have found to be our own personal favorite miniature painting supplies. The best paint for miniatures, our dream miniature painting accessories, the different types of Warhammer paint, the coolest D&D painted miniatures, etc.

Did you know for example that the Citadel painting handle is one of the most popular accessories used? Don’t miss our article about the 4 Commandments to Paint Citadel Miniatures.

Our online community has been amazing about sharing tips for the right equipment such as paints and brushes, to make miniatures painting not only beautiful but more importantly, fun to play with and look at.

Our hope is that you enjoy your painting miniatures hobby at least as much as we do! 🙂

We’re adding and expanding to this site regularly with more in depth and up to date content. So bookmark our blog and come back to check out the latest updates as often as possible.

We’d love to hear what you think about the site and get your comments and suggestions.

Be in touch..! Use the contact form to email us about anything! 

Happy painting!