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How To Paint Miniatures

Beginners : Starting Your Own Warhammer Painting Project

Is Model Painting Difficult?

Warhammer painting projects are a great way to start off in the miniatures painting hobby. Model painting, in general, is not difficult but some people may find it difficult to find the motivation to paint their models.

There are many reasons that can affect this lack of enthusiasm or motivation. Those include: lack of time, lack of interest but most of the time it’s just the lack of knowledge on how to get started on their own.

Let us show you the way !

In this article we will provide you with all the tips you need, so you can enjoy every single second spent on painting your own minis !

Some background info: Warhammer is a tabletop game that takes place in the fictional world of Games Workshop‘s, Warhammer Fantasy or Warhammer 40k. It takes place in one of these universes where players command armies of various types with troops and warriors, each with their own set of skills and abilities.

What Supplies You Will Need for Your First Warhammer Painting Project?

Painting Warhammer miniatures is an excellent way to get started because it allows you to get into the hobby without feeling like you need all the tools and paints that professional painters use.

The basic supplies you will need to start painting your miniatures are paints, such as “Citadel paints“, black spray paint for the base coat, thin brushes, a paint pot or palette, and some water.

You will also need another water recipient for dipping your brush to get off the excess paint.

warhammer painting work set up

Set up an ideal painting area, by covering the work surface with newspaper. (Newspaper can also be used as your palette)

Step by Step Instructions on How to Paint a Warhammer Figurine

Before the painting starts, the mini is often washed in water with dishwashing soap. The soap removes any oils left behind from the plastic mold. It also removes any dirt or dust on the mini’s surface.

The next step is priming, which provides a base coat for your paint job and it also helps seal some of the pores of the plastic figurine to prevent bleeding of color onto other parts of your paint job.

I recommend using an oil-based primer that dries quickly and has a satin or matte finish, but spray primers, such as Citadel black spray for base coat, are also good for beginners because they’re less messy than brushing on primers.

The next step to painting a Warhammer miniature figurine is to decide on what color scheme you want to paint the model you will be working on. This will help you decide which paints you need.

citadel colors paints for minis

Paints should be applied in thin layers, so that too much paint doesn’t accumulate and obscure the features of the model being painted. The more time spent painting, the higher chance of getting a better result at the end!

From here, you can start your own warhammer painting project by applying your paints.

Start with the widest areas of the pattern. And don’t worry, it’s okay if you go over. Then paint in the smaller, narrower details with a very fine brush. In some cases, we recommend using a toothpick.

Now that the colors are dry, use color mixtures diluted with black or white painting and water to lighten or darken certain areas to create gradations due to light and shadow. This will immediately give your figure a much more realistic look.

Finally, you can highlight shiny materials like iron, metal or gold on your warhammer miniature. This will help selling the authenticity of each material present on your miniature.

Short List to Use as a Reference for your Warhammer Painting Project :

  • Ready : Collect Your Supplies
  • Set : Paint the Base Coat (black spray)
  • Go : Add the Base Colors then Add Details Colors
  • Final Touches 1 : Create a Shade Variation (lights – shadows)
  • Final Touches 2 : Highlights with extra Shine (iron object, goldish object)
warhammer painting project minis hold by a man

5 Tips to Maintain Your Freshly Painted Figurines Over Time

  • Ventilation: Let the figurines get air
  • Keep the figurines away from direct sunlight
  • Do not expose the figurines to heat
  • Handle the figures with care
  • Pay attention to stress and deformation

Want to learn more about how to maintain your painted minis over time? We have written a must-read article on this subject right here.

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