Don't Buy These 10 Travel Watercolors Until You Read This
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The Top 10 Travel Watercolors You Need To Know Before Buying

Travel Watercolor Sets For Artists

You may enjoy the benefits of being a traveler whether you are 38,000 feet in the air or traveling thousands of miles away from home on a train.

You can savor the clear blue sky, fiery sunsets, and stunning vistas.

However, for a traveling artist, every journey is worthwhile when you photograph these stunning vistas and use a brush or pencil to sketch them in your notebook.

Choose the best watercolor travel set for a wide range of colors and artistic effects. The second query is, however, what criteria should you use to select a portable watercolor set.

A watercolor travel kit should, first and foremost, be portable and small enough to fit in your bag or pocket.

A large, awkward watercolor set would be difficult to transport and probably wind up in a mess.

It’s also important to think about the components of a travel watercolor kit. Does it come with a travel-friendly brush or a sponge in addition to the color palette?

Does it include a convenient carrying bag for easy storage? A comprehensive tiny watercolor set simply includes the necessary equipment.

Even though the additional accessories and tools are dependent on your preferences and needs.

Reviews of the Top 10 Watercolor Travel Sets

1. Sakura XNCW-24N Pocket Field Sketch Box with Koi Watercolors

This Sakura Koi watercolor travel kit is clearly designed for painters or other artists who enjoy traveling because of its size and abundance.

It has a small footprint and a sleek design that make it simple to tuck inside a bag or even a shirt pocket.

With a water brush that is refillable and a half-pan watercolor set, this small set impressively includes all the necessary tools for basic watercolor painting.

The colors are created to display stunning and vibrant tones. In addition, the highly pigmented shades blend smoothly to produce a variety of colors.

Additionally, it doesn’t use a typical brush; rather, it is a refillable water brush that enables you to paint without using a water container.

Since it can be filled with water, all you need to do to get ready to paint is pull it out of your pocket or bag.

Even while traveling by train, plane, or sitting by a park for plein air painting, you can paint with ease.


  • Streamlined and little in size
  • Includes a removable mixing palette and a water brush tip.
  • Perfectly fits in shirt or bag pockets.
  • Colors that blend well and are very pigmented
  • An easy-to-hold base pull-down ring


  • To stop paint blocks from breaking apart, greater adherence is required.

2. Paint by Winsor & Newton, model 390640 Cotman Water Color

Winsor & Newton is among the names that immediately spring to mind when thinking of high quality watercolor set manufacturers.

The colors give premium pigments with vivid hues and beautiful painting effects to clearly showcase your artwork. Additionally, the palette’s hues flawlessly merge together.

The 12 Cotman Watercolors in this pocket watercolor set have good transparency and can be used to make lovely washes.

Additionally, I saw that these colors have uniform consistency and strong tints, which contribute to a beautiful color scheme.

As a result, even though these watercolors are half-pans, the colors don’t need to be built up to be brilliant. Rich watercolor tones can already be achieved with a few dabs and strokes.

Aside from that, I like the range’s addition of white.

The white pigment can enhance the drawing or watercolor art with highlights and subtle color combinations.

Despite the fact that the paper’s white tone provides a beautiful background for watercolors.

A tiny watercolor palette that fits in your shirt or bag pocket has all these fantastic capabilities.

The longest side is just little larger than a card, measuring about six inches. The upper side features divisions so you can combine colors even when it is open.


  • A pocket set of half-pan watercolors with vibrant colors
  • Colors that mix well and are very pigmented
  • A portable watercolor travel kit that fits in your pocket.
  • Has a mixing palette built into the lid.
  • Contains a tiny brush


  • The brush is too tiny and a little challenging to use.

3. MeiLiang Watercolor Paint Set by Lightwish

The great color selection and affordable price of this MeiLiang travel watercolor kit are its best features.

You can indulge in a wider color range with this one for just a little bit more money than the Winsor & Newton Cotman watercolor paint set.

The metal case was the first item that attracted my eye before that. This portable watercolor set employs a strong cover to keep the pan safe.

Unlike the majority of portable watercolor sets I have seen on the market.

There is no need to be concerned about breaking or harming your paint palette even when you stack in your completely packed luggage.

In addition, the flip cover functions as a palette for mixing.

This watercolor travel kit incorporates a metal ring underneath the case for solid, hassle-free painting, just like the Sakura Koi version.

I must admit that the color quality is rather outstanding because they are both fluid and richly pigmented.

By doing this, you can produce glazing effects and enjoy watercolors that dry without having any chalky or grainy textures.


  • Provides a huge variety of vibrant, highly pigmented colors
  • When dry, creates lovely glazing effects without gritty textures.
  • Arrives in a reliable metal casing.
  • Slim and elegant style
  • Consists of a water brush


  • The brush’s bristles are a little loose.

4. Paint Set for Watercolors: Artsy

The creative pocket design is the standout feature of this Artsy Watercolor paint set. I didn’t realize it had 42 colors when I first saw it!

You can fan out the various trays that make up this artistic palette to observe the vivid assortment of various colors.

To make it easier for you to choose which colors to use, each tray contains color labels at the bottom.

This is helpful to me because some colors, especially the orange and red hues, have a tendency to blend together.

Thankfully, there are no duplicate colors, so you can mix and match to create different combinations.

Additionally, the lightfastness and vividness of these lovely pigments allow you to display watercolor artworks with their stunning color quality.

The colors are quite blendable, thus mixing them is not at all of a challenge. Additionally, they dry rapidly, avoiding ink pooling and gritty textures.

Simply slide each tray back to its palette for storage after you are finished painting.

You are left with a highly portable and small watercolor set that fits in your shirt or bag pocket.


  • Innovative portability-enhancing compact design
  • Provides a variety of hues using pigment
  • Incredibly blendable and fast drying
  • Includes a sponge and three water brushes.
  • To recognize and see all the colors, there is an intuitive pan display with labeling.


  • Color pans cannot be changed.

5. Watercolor Paint Set, MEEDEN 4336971288

You can see some remarkable similarities between MEEDEN Watercolor Paint Set and the Artsy watercolor paint set.

In terms of the creative pan presentation, color names, and even the painting tools.

Additionally, the pricing is reasonable.

The contrasts between these palettes can be found in the brush and color choices. Both offer 42 different hues, but this one has deeper neutral, green, and blue tones.

The colors mixed wonderfully when combined with water to create vibrant and creative watercolor washes.

As I work with these paints, I’ve also seen that they can resist fading and dry quickly.

This palette’s wide selection of colors allows you to mix an infinite number of bright shades for beautiful and colorful artwork.

This travel watercolor paint set’s distinctive palette design is one of its many design highlights.

You may fan out the palette and swipe out to different tabs, just like with the Artsy portable watercolor kit, to find the color you need.

In addition, there are color labels to make it simple to distinguish the shades.


  • Compact and incredibly light-weight palette design
  • Provides a wide range of pigmented watercolors.
  • Lightfast and quickly drying hues
  • Includes four refillable, various-sized water brushes.
  • Affordable


  • Lacks a hard case or cover to keep the palette safe.

6. JQ-124 WaterColor Travel Pocket Set by Jerry Q Art

Finding the best watercolor travel set to begin with can be a little difficult for a beginner watercolor artist.

Having said that, this Jerry Q Art pocket kit has all the equipment a beginner watercolor painter might possibly need while on the go.

This pocket watercolor set has a thin and streamlined design for increased portability, sifting through the details.

It is very amazing to discover a variety of gorgeous colors and the appropriate painting instruments when you open the lid.

This consists of mixing pans that are removable, a little sponge, and a water brush.

These resources and color options should be more than plenty for a beginner to start a watercolor travel notebook.

Everything is small and easy to store in a small pocket in your shirt or backpack because of this.

Despite being made of plastic, it surprises me with how durable it is. The lid’s tight closure, which keeps the palette safe and protected when traveling, is another feature I like.

Even though it already sounds impressive, the colors live up to their performance and quality.

Having a good amount of pigment, the brilliant colors display a vivid and stunning spectrum of colors.

Furthermore, the high degree of blendability of these watercolors makes it much simpler to produce washes and maintain some translucent watercolor effects.


  • A lightweight, high-quality starter kit for those new to watercolor painting
  • Design that is sleek and slim for easy traveling
  • Excellent color choice; deeply colored colours
  • Highly blendable hues that provide vivid washes
  • Includes a changeable mixing tray, a calligraphy pan, a sponge, and a water brush.


  • No color labels; hard to find new watercolors that match

7. Set of watercolor paints, Artisto 432

I could tell right away that this watercolor paint set would be a beautiful gem just by looking at it.

ARTISTRO did a great job of designing this kit to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, starting with its vibrant mint metal box and delicate artwork details.

I even adore the tasteful metal lid lock that resembles the ones on vintage music boxes.

Everything inside the watercolor palette is considerably more fascinating when you open it.

You can observe that the 48 vivid colors—which range in tone from bright to dark—are neatly and artistically organized.

A designated area for the necessary painting supplies is located on the lid’s upper portion.

This consists of a watercolor brush, a swatch sheet, a sketching pencil, a sponge, an eraser, and a waterbrush.

Additionally, there are tiny watercolor pages. I genuinely don’t think there is anything else a beginner could want!

The palette creates distinctive, vibrant colors by blending metallics and pigmented fluorescents.

I can tell from blending the colors that the watercolors are very blendingable, resulting in rich washes and artistic textures.

It should be noted that the binder is thick and slightly gelatinous, which causes the watercolors to produce granular or grainy textures and finishes.

Some artists might not like such grainy textures in light of this. However, this enables you to produce artistic colors and effects in addition to flat and vibrant washes.

I think this is a fantastic technique for enhancing watercolor artwork. Aside from that, mixing and layering are made simple with the unique water brush pen and original brush.


  • Provides vivid, saturated colors with the ability to create washes.
  • Creates textures with granules for distinctive and aesthetic effects
  • Includes necessary painting equipment for easy painting while traveling
  • Comes with a reliable metal tin case for added security.
  • Suitable for professional and advanced artists


  • Not the best choice for newcomers
  • A little more substantial than other small watercolor sets

8. French Artists Watercolor Travel Set by Sennelier 10-131605

I’ve always looked for the best professional watercolor paints. But aside from Winsor & Newton, I’ve always been curious to sample other well-known brands.

Sennelier was therefore my next objective, and I’m happy I gave it a go.

I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about this brand, especially the outstanding watercolors. I’ll be the first to confess that the cost is the least appealing feature.

But what exactly makes it so unique is the question. I have seen the most vibrant hues so far, which is in agreement with the reports and rumors.

Many people are unaware that the main ingredient is honey. As a result, colors are kept vibrant and high-quality for a longer period of time while also becoming more luminous.

As expected, the colors emit vibrant hues that harmoniously blend to create a lovely shade.

It is simple to obtain pigments, produce vibrant washes, and render representations of what each color should be by simply dampening the colors.


  • Perfectly vivid, saturated hues that merge with ease
  • Even with just a few dabs, produces vibrant strokes and washes.
  • Very small and streamlined design for easy painting storage and transportation
  • Arrives in a reliable metal tin case.
  • Outstanding color longevity


  • Expensive
  • No brushes are provided

9. Set of Watercolor Field Sketches by Artify, 4336953153

This bundle from Artify is an additional inexpensive choice for watercolor travel accessories.

This small kit enables aspiring watercolorists to experiment with high-quality paint without breaking the bank.

I am certain of this since I have observed the premium pigments that result in an unlimited and inventive spectrum of hues.

The colors merge admirably and provide vivid hues when combined with water. Making washes and other artistic effects would therefore not be a difficulty.

The watercolors also dry rapidly, avoiding any unpleasant spills that can bleed through paper.

Describe the size. I must mention that this set fits your pocket perfectly, whether it’s a purse or a shirt. The robust plastic case protects the palette from any harm.

The detachable palette, in my opinion, is brilliant in addition to its portable and cutting-edge style.

The colors can be arranged anyway you like, and should the necessity arise, you can reuse and wash them.

Additionally, the mixing tray is removable and can be positioned wherever it is within your reach.

Although some artists might not think much of this, I was struck by how carefully the manufacturer designed the palette in this manner.

As a result, it supports both left- and right-handed painters.


  • Colors that mix well and are very pigmented
  • Mixing tray that can be removed and customized to fit both left- and right-handed painters
  • Compact style
  • Includes necessary painting equipment (three brushes and two sponges)
  • Has a base ring for convenient painting sessions.


  • Some paints crack readily if they are not stored properly.

10. Cotman Watercolor Brush Paint Set by Winsor & Newton 390658

I don’t know what else to anticipate from Winsor & Newton in far of pleasing color blending and brilliance.

Fortunately, this Cotman Watercolor Brush Pen set is very similar to my preferred watercolor sets from this manufacturer.

The size of this half-pan set, to start, ensures hassle-free storage while you travel. It is so tiny that you can fit it in a small compartment in your suitcase or your shirt pocket.

When it is closed, it displays a simple yet elegant design that you can carry with you wherever you go for a quick painting session.

The upper space has barriers where you can mix various colors as soon as you lift the lid.

Then, to aid in organizing and identifying colors, I was drawn to the nicely arranged color labels.

The color labels are essential for locating complementary hues because the pans are removable.

Winsor & Newton once again outdid themselves with this stunning palette of hues.

With just a few dabs, they deliver high-quality pigments, enabling you to produce vibrant washes and artistic watercolor effects.


  • Produces watercolor effects and rich color blending
  • Color labels were used in the design to make identification simple.
  • Has a tray for blending colors
  • Consists of a waterbrush pen
  • Very small


  • Sometimes there is heavy water flow.


The quality of the pigments and necessary instruments is just as important as the travel-friendly size when determining the best watercolor set.

When you travel, it’s amazing how much you can capture on paper, and a watercolor travel set makes it easier.

This is why you should have the best watercolor set possible so that you can capture and paint landscapes and even commonplace sights while you’re out and about.

The best portable watercolor sets available have been compiled in this list.

In addition to being well-known, the brands mentioned provide trustworthy, excellent quality watercolor sets that are well worth trying.

Hope this is useful!

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