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What Makes Painting Miniature So Special?

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Painting miniature is a hobby that has been around for centuries. It is a form of art that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

It allows you to create small, detailed works of art that can be displayed in your home or office.

Painting miniature can be a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. It can also be a great way to spend time with family and friends.

It is one of those hobbies that can be enjoyed by people of all skill levels.

Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced painter. There are always new techniques and products to explore.

Painting miniature can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

So we asked experts in their field, and this is what they had to say.

Top 9 Reasons Painting Miniature Is So Special

Tip 1. Daily Dungeon Master – The Daily DM Blog 

The thing most special about miniature painting for me is the process

A friend once told me that a blank miniature is a story waiting to be told. I take that to heart with every commission I paint, every mini I paint for myself. 

Be it the rare miniature for a character I am playing, or a monster. 

When I paint miniatures, I am helping to tell that mini’s story.  

Additionally, I can forget about life for a few hours, putting in all the detail that I can with each stroke of the brush. Some of my favorite brushes come with the Iro Brush Starting Kit.

Tip 2. Derek King – Aries Games & Miniatures

When painting minis and regardless of their genre, I find it a calming thing to do. It pulls me into the mini itself, as if most of the day’s hectic pace just melted away. 

I tend to try and push myself to make things look better than the last mini I painted. I always look forward to the next one. 

It’s always fun to try and select the next mini, or batch of minis to paint. I always have something I want to try with them.

Tip 3.  Maartje – Magie Miniatures

We are living in a world that is constantly changing. One that requires a lot of attention from us on many different fronts on a daily basis. 

There are so many stimuli entering our brains, it can be quite overwhelming. 

To me, miniature painting is a way of getting out of that endless stream of information. 

When I am painting, I am able to solely focus on getting paint on the mini. 

I find it to be a very zen experience, and it really calms me down. 

Another part of the miniature hobby I enjoy is that there is so much diversity to be seen in paint jobs. It’s great to see painters that have their own distinct style.

Lastly, it’s great to see the sense of community there is amongst miniature painters. 

Even though it is a hobby that is (mostly) done on your own, there is a lot of exchange of information and creativity. I love it!

Tip 4. GHQ Models – EdmondsonClan

I am a big fan of military history.  

Miniatures painting gives the opportunity to give a much greater understanding, and feel, for the battles, and vehicles.  

In addition, when I see the miniatures on a gaming table they represent ME. I want them looking as spiffy as possible when I am going into battle.

model painting miniature

Tip 5. Mike Warhorse Miniatures 

The best part of painting a figure is the ability to add more character to the miniature. I often use the Reaper miniature paint Kit to add powerful color details.

You can have the same figure and then be able to make them look different by just changing a few colors. 

Plus spending more time you could add special effects. Like dirt to the legs, blood or a winter effect. This way you can bring the figure alive.

Tip 6. Chris “Captain” Morgan – The Chief Librarian Podcast

It’s hard to sum up what miniature painting is to me. It’s like summing up what a lifelong friendship is like. It is full of the same highs and lows as a friendship can be. 

When I was a kid, it was all about connecting with my dad. 

His humble enthusiasm was so infectious. He recreated in our basement, famous battles from history for me to participate in. 

As a teenager, it was a part of finding my own identity. I strayed from my father’s historical proclivities. Instead, I settled into my favorite fantasy and science fiction niches. 

These became all-new ways to enjoy bonding with my dad. 

As an adult coping with trauma and incredible loss, painting was the tangible thing I could do. It reminded me that art and beauty could thrive during periods of grief and pain. 

Painting (and gaming) brought me camaraderie and fellowship in ways that enrich my life to this day. 

This hobby is a lifestyle that has brought me so much. I gleefully extol its virtues to even the most disinterested acquaintance. (a quality that has landed me more than one job). 

As I wait impatiently for my basement to be finished and my hobby space to come to life, I appreciate it even more for its absence. 

Tip 7. Mo – CryinMo  

What I tell beginners, is to just have fun and paint what you want. 

They’ll get better over time and one of my most important tips – at least for myself lol – is to buy miniatures that I really like. Don’t buy anything just because a rule book says I have to or should. 

Tip 8. Lee Hadley – BLMA Blog – Miniature Adventures TV 

There are lots of reasons why painting miniatures is such a special hobby. It can be hard to pick a favorite reason. 

However, if the last couple of years has taught us anything it is that having a hobby that requires high levels of meditative concentration. Something that is very good for our mental health. 

I can’t be the only one that looks back at months of lockdowns, canceled social events and other necessary restrictions and not wonder: How would we have gotten through it unscathed, if we hadn’t had a hobby to keep our minds occupied?

My hobby productivity, painting output and gaming all took a sharp upturn when the first lockdown hit.

Tip 9. David Orkisz – Miniature David

What is special about the hobby for me is that when I am painting or working on a miniature, it’s all I am thinking about. 

All other life problems dissipate and I’m able to just be in the moment.

As someone who’s often thinking about a million things at once, it’s an amazing way to quieten the mind.

Bonus Tip: Adriane Wacker For The Love Of Small Things

So I have been painting my whole life.

When it comes to painting, I really do enjoy all aspects of it.

I have painted real-sized home interiors and home exteriors. I even owned a mobile paint Party business called For the Love of the Painting. In it, we did hobby painting on canvas.

But the Real question is what is special about miniature painting?

I have been interested in miniatures since I was a young child. There is some thing about working in miniatures that is just fascinating.

Everything is smaller. Everything is easier. Everything is more affordable.

We live in a creative world that allows for so many possibilities.

My modo is: Why go big when you can go small?

I love what I do and encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and try something new…

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