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Review Of Top 10 Wet Palette Miniatures Not To Buy

How To Test Each Wet Palette Painting?

Instead of you having to test each wet palette for tiny painting, we did it for you!

Let’s find out what about each product!

We’ll go over some fantastic tutorials covering everything from full-scale models to advice to practical physics.

For painting your miniatures, you may have looked at wet palettes, but you may not know which is the best.

We did all the guesswork, reading and reviewing for you.

Evaluates Wet Palettes For Miniature Painting

If you enjoy painting miniatures, a wet palette is one of the most essential hobby tools to own. It’s really handy to have even if you only want to prepare an army for the tabletop.

It’s difficult to decide which is best with so many options available. Why not lay the foundation yourself?

Let us handle it for you, please!

Red Grass Games Color Scheme

It’s been roughly two years since we started using this. Although they come in two sizes, the small one is a little too small to paint with.

We appreciate how many different paints may be loaded into this palette at once. We won’t have to interrupt the flow to add or change paints as a result.

Additionally, because of how low profile it is, storage is a breeze. You don’t have to do any more effort because they also provide precut papers for their own palettes.

Additionally, their papers are excellent. The cost is the biggest problem here.

The biggest one costs about $55 and is by far the most expensive of them. The seal is also too good, which is a problem.

If you wish to reuse the paper or paints in the future, leave yours cracked to let some moisture out because it forms such a tight seal that it keeps them nearly too moist.

Masterson’s Sta-Wet Paintbrush

This has been around the longest and has a much simpler style. Although it is still very spacious and the way it seals is ideal, it does feel a touch more dated.

We always believe that larger palettes were preferable. For each endeavor he has taken on, this one has been adequate.

It is only little taller than the Red Grass. The paper they come with is the primary problem with this one. Nearly useless for standard mini paint.

He merely cuts the parchment paper to size, which requires very little effort. Last but not least, it uses roughly as much as the Red Grass one but leaves a very slight film on the paint.

It is difficult to beat for the price.

The Wet Palette for Army Painter

Comparably sized to the smaller Red Grass palette. It is made of a material and is designed quite similarly to the Red Grass one. Consequently, it feels really nicely manufactured.

You may keep your brushes at the top, which is another fantastic design feature. Thus, it is space-saving and incredibly portable.

We uses this one whenever we travels and keep our brushes in the top to protect them.The size of this one is the only significant drawback.

We require one that is slightly larger for the style of painting that he produces. Overall though, this one holds up incredibly well considering the cost, design, and portability.

Wet Palette P3

Due to the fact that not many people are aware of it, this one is kind of a dark horse. But it has existed for some time. The materials and design are both fairly decent.

The size and paper are the biggest problems here. It’s practically only a third the size of the Red Grass one, making it difficult to climb behind.

In addition, the paper degrades rapidly if you leave it for more than 20 to 30 minutes. We feel that this one is simply too little to be used frequently in his painting style.

Customized Palette

An excellent DIY wet palette is possible! The majority of people believe they are terrible, although they are simple to manufacture and, with decent parchment paper, work nearly as well.

Simply purchase the sponge cloth, rip the paper out, and you’re ready to go! Getting a very cool box is the most challenging aspect of this. It is obviously far less expensive, but it does take some work.

This is a wonderful way to test whether you genuinely enjoy using one if you’ve never used one.

Favorite Things

The Masterson offers the best value for the money. It is affordable, functional, and long-lasting.

The Red Grass palette excels above the competition while being more expensive. It just functions so beautifully all over.

It is the greatest for preloading paint, has excellent paper, and is very dependable.

We would always bring The Army Painter one when traveling. While we don’t use it frequently for our regular painting, we always bring this one with us when we travel.

That concludes this brief overview of all the wet palettes available for miniature painting.

Get painting with your favorite now!

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