The Best 6 Portable Hobby Stations For Miniature Painting
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The Best 6 Portable Hobby Stations For Miniature Painting

Mobile Hobby Stations For Painting Miniatures

Are you trying to find the best paint station for hobbies?

If you paint miniatures, you are aware of the potential dangers of having an excessive collection of model paint.

You can stay organized and productive with the aid of a well-designed small paint station.

A portable hobby workstation or tiny paint container is the perfect answer for someone who needs a dedicated hobby space but has a small space.

In this post, I review 13 of the top hobby paint stations, including small desktop hobby workstations, portable tiny paint stations, and travel paint containers or boxes.

The Top 6 Mobile Hobby Workstations for Painting Models and Miniatures

The top 6 hobby paint stations for painting dollhouse miniatures and models are listed below:

Cosmetic Box Travel Organizer

Makeup Train Case Large 6 Tray Professional Organizer Box

HobbyTrayz Modeling Base

Airfix Humbrol Workstation

The Army Painter Model Paint Hobby Station

Citadel Hobby Project Box

1. Cosmetic Box Travel Organizer

This cosmetic box travel organizer can accommodate almost any bottle, pot, or can that you have.

It includes two tiered trays with a large capacity that open outwards for easy access to your hobby supplies.

To safeguard any delicate instruments or bottles, including glass, the interior of the case is coated with a strong, plush PVC foam material in the trays and the case’s bottom.

A removable foam tray that may carry bottles and small tools, such as your Citadel or other painting handles and holders, is also included with the case.

It is a versatile workstation for anyone wishing to move around with their passion of miniature painting and doubles as a storage and travel organizer for hobbies.

The foldable case also includes a built-in mirror. Employ a dry erase marker and the glass mirror to make notes, doodle freehand, or keep score in tabletop games, such as victory points.

The sturdy aluminum construction may fit in the trunk of your car, behind a chair, or beneath a desk. A keyed locking clasp can keep everything safe.

Taking your passion with you will be really simple because to the strong carry handle and shoulder strap. It has a nice appearance, too!

Overall, I think this is one of my favorite portable painting stations for miniatures.

Key Elements

  • Large capacity
  • Foldable trays with tiers with a PVC foam bottoms
  • Pluck foam is also
  • Locked folding closure
  • Dependable shoulder strap and carry handle


  • Large-scale paint and hobby storage
  • Extremely transportable
  • A dry erase board is a mirror.
  • Sturdy and safe construction
  • Practically all hobby brand-sized bottles are compatible


  • Access to more specialized hobby workstations is constrained.
  • A little bit bulky

2. Cosmetic Train Case Professional Organizer Box with 6 Trays, Large

Similar to the cosmetic box travel organizer, this makeup train case is roughly 20% bigger and gives you more divided room.

It features six huge trays that can be as long as 14 inches (or 35.5 cm).

You have simultaneous access to everything, including the vast bottom compartment, thanks to the fold-out trays.

With the help of the movable tray dividers in this train container, you can design the ideal divisions for your hobby equipment.

The capacity to design tightly fitting spaces for paints and equipment will aid in preventing items from shifting during transit.

Set aside a tray (or two) for your playing cards, dice, such as RPG polyhedrals or a bucket of D6, and tokens for tabletop games.

Utilize the remainder of the case for your supplies for painting miniatures.

The case can be locked with a key and metal clasps for a safe fold-up.

This organizer box is an excellent way to store or travel with your hobby of miniature painting thanks to additional features like the shoulder strap, durable carry handle, and solid brass hinges.

Key Elements

  • Dependable metal construction
  • 6 sizable foldable trays
  • Security using a lock and key
  • Movable dividers for hobby materials, equipment, and gaming gear
  • Rubber feet provide stability for tables.


  • Massive capacity
  • Movable partitions
  • Metal keyed lock
  • 6 substantial fold-out trays
  • Portable


  • Bulky
  • Not the best choice for a dedicated hobby workstation.

3. HobbyTrayz Modeling Base Station

Every workspace will accommodate the HobbyTrayz Modeling Base Station.

The hobby station is large enough to work on most miniatures at 12 by 9 inches (or 30 x 23 cm). This is especially helpful when putting together model kits.

It includes pockets to store your equipment, like as brushes, tweezers, and other useful trinkets, as well as space to organize paints and glues.

Moreover, the tray has a self-healing cutting mat.

Another small item storage space is located underneath the mat for putting items like paperwork, loose parts, and things you need nearby but don’t use frequently.

The entire tray weighs less than 1.4 lbs (0.64 kg), making it simple to transport. Use the tray station as a carry tray to transport your hobby supplies, or place it in a backpack and go.

The amount of organization you can perform inside this hobby station is, of course, constrained by its smaller, more compact size.

Yet, this is a wonderful solution for someone who needs a segregated space to store their commonly used tools and colors together.

Key Elements

  • Small size
  • There are numerous side and back compartments for storing equipment and colors that are regularly used.
  • Integrated cutting mat
  • Confined storage space
  • Long-lasting design


  • Portable
  • Slots with compartments for tools and paints
  • Cut-out mat
  • Ideal for putting together hobby model kits


  • Only a very small capacity
  • Open-ended style
  • Not modular

4. Airfix Humbrol Workstation

The HobbyTrayz and the Airfix Humbrol Workstation are comparable (above).

It is a portable hobby workstation for putting together and painting models and miniatures.

The tray is designed simply even if it does not come with the cutting mat (which is available here separately).

Paints, brushes, and glues can all be found in a variety of locations. Your tools won’t roll away thanks to slots and walls.

Instead of Citadel pots, paint Vallejo or Army Painter dropper bottles can be stored in the tray’s cutouts, while spray bottles or even tiny water cups can be stored in the bigger cup holders.

This desk can be used as a carry tray thanks to the side handles.

When you need some natural light to paint and work on your miniatures, you can easily move your hobby space between desks, tables, or even outside.

Key Elements

  • Hobby desk in the style of minimalism
  • Up to nine dropper-style bottles and larger bottles/cups should be organized.
  • Tool and brush holders
  • Lightweight and robust design
  • Inexpensive


  • Miniature hobby carry tray
  • Holders with compartments for brushes and paints
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for a tiny workstation or coffee table


  • Limited capacity and compatibility with paint
  • Includes the cutting mat but not
  • Unmodular

5. The Army Painter Model Paint Hobby Station

For wargaming hobbyists, The Army Painter Model Paint Hobby Station is a very well-liked miniature painting station.

Your miniature paints and tools are great for organization in this hobby project workstation. You can easily access all of your paintbrushes and other equipment.

The paint holders are made to accommodate a water cup and 30 dropper-style paints, such as Army Painter, Vallejo, Reaper, and Scalecolor (Scale 75) paints.

The bottle labels are visible because to the tiered design of the holders. Seven paint brushes can be kept behind the bottles.

You may see the brush labels if you’re using Army Painter brushes, such the highly regarded Regiment brush.

The MDF (or medium density fiber) board used to create the Army Painter paint station is strong and portable.

While you work, you can set up your models on the paint station. Organize and contain all of your supplies for your model-making pastime.

Please take note that this workstation requires some assembly when it is first received. Use PVA white glue or any super glue (more about best glues for plastic, resin, and metal models).

Key Elements

  • Widely used paint station for model-making hobbies
  • Good holding capacity for paintbrushes and dropper bottles
  • MDF construction that is lightweight
  • Good visibility, simple access to paints and brushes


  • Popular paint station for hobbies
  • For dropper-style paint bottles, adequate paint holding capacity
  • A lightweight design
  • Strong finish
  • Excellent access and visibility ergonomics


  • Assembly necessary
  • Less resilient than plastic
  • Would not accommodate bigger paints, such Citadel

6. Citadel Hobby Project Box

Another well-liked paint base station for hobbyists searching for a self-contained solution is the Citadel Hobby Project Box.

Model paint pots under the Citadel Games Workshop brand are specifically intended for use with the Citadel Hobby Project Box.

It will safely store and transport Citadel paints, brushes, and tools because it is made of incredibly durable ABS plastic.

Strong clasps are used on either side to close the project box firmly.

This project box has three racks that can each contain 21 paint pots, and the paint case itself has a separate compartment that can accommodate an additional 56 pots.

Sprue cutters, glue, and even a painting mat can be stored on the two tool racks that are available.

I’ve discovered that this compartment can also accommodate up to ten paintbrushes.

The Hobby project box will also easily fit inside a Citadel Crusade Case as an added bonus.

Do you paint GW gaming figures from Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, or other franchises? Also a fantastic gift for yourself or another hobbyist!

Key Elements

  • Extremely robust hard casing
  • Made to work with Citadel brand paints
  • There is a lot of rack space for equipment, brushes, and paint.
  • Compact
  • Fits inside the Citadel Crusade army transport case and is securely fastened.


  • Dependable, safe hobby storage
  • For Citadel paints and tools, large capacity
  • Internal modular racks
  • Portable utility
  • Excellent for storing and organizing GW hobby supplies


  • For full access, racks must be taken down.
  • Works best with paint pots of the Citadel brand alone.
  • A little pricey

Last Word

Your available workspace, your unique project requirements, and your preferred model paint brand all play a role in choosing the best hobby and painting workstation.

You might want to look more closely at non-branded painting workstations, such as those made by craftsmen and other amateurs, if you’re looking for affordable options.

But you might have greater post-purchase support and compatibility with your preferred hobby tools and colors with paint stations from well-known gaming brands.

I’m certain I overlooked a couple favorites. Some of them are very outrageous and wild.

Keep checking back for updates as I find new intriguing and practical items for my hobbies of painting miniatures and scale modeling. Thanks for reading!

Enjoy your hobbies and art!

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