The List Of The Top 5 Best Model Paint Vortex Mixers
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The List Of The Top 5 Best Model Paint Vortex Mixers

Model Paint Vortex Mixers

Are you tired of constantly shaking your extensive collection of model paints? I am aware that you wish you had a robust machine to agitate those troublesome colours.

Perhaps you’re trying to find the best substitutes for the Typhoon Paint Mixer, a commercial vortex mixer with a new name.

When left alone, model paints created for miniature painting are infamous for splitting in their bottles.

I examine five of the most potent motorized vortex mixers suitable for model and miniature paints in this article.

  1. Scientific Laboratory of the Four E’s Scientific Industries
  2. Vortex Labnet S0200 Model VX-200
  3. Vortex-Genie Benchmark Scientific BV1000-E Bench Mixer
  4. Vortexer Oxford Benchmate VM-D Digital Vortex Mixer
  5. Labnet S0200 Model VX-200 CombiCup Head Vortex Mixer

Popular Vortex Model Paint Mixer (still powerful)

Model paint vortex mixer (Review)

Do Hobby Model Paints Require an Industrial Strength Vortex Mixer?

Nope. A vortex mixer is not required. The majority of amateurs view them as luxuries.

Simple motorized mixers, such as inexpensive shakers for nail paint, will do.

I am aware of what commercial mixers are able to do. I’ve actually witnessed them.

In order to homogenize particle material (such as chemical agents or biological tissue) into small amounts of solvent, these motorized equipment are made for professionals.

These mixers can all spin paint bottles and pots at least 3000 times per minute (or more).

The most resistant paint or artistic material you can think of will be slurry by all this power.

The most effective vortex mixers contain a changeable knob that lets you adjust the strength of the mixing (sometimes you just want to be gentle).

The ability to mix a solution without creating bubbles is an advantage of having changeable vortex power settings.

Some of the solutions you combine can include a soapy component, such flow aid.

These solutions will bubble and foam up if you vortex them too soon or with too much power.

A bubbly art medium may appear entertaining, yet it is difficult, if not impossible, to use properly. For varnishes, this is especially true.

Any painted miniature that has bubbles in the varnish will not have a professional-looking finish.
Strong motors also make a lot of noise.

Your mixer will run more quietly if you lower the vortex power.

Benefits of a strong vortex mixer for tiny paint include:

  • Hurricane-force mixing that is potent and runs at up to 3000 RPMs.
  • Adjustable speed dial
  • Touch-based or ongoing operation
  • Limited footprint
  • Trustworthy hefty duty

A vortex paint mixer’s drawbacks:

  • Expensive
  • Heavy

The top 5 vortex paint mixers for model and tiny paints are suggested.

1. Four E’s Vortex Mixer for Scientific Laboratories

Four E’s Scientific Lab Vortex Mixer. My in-depth user review is available here.

This cost is what an industrial vortex mixer requests. This type of motorized mixer frequently operates on a workbench in a laboratory setting.

This is a fantastic substitute for the Typhoon mixer, which went for roughly $75-120, for the miniature artist (depending on where you look, e.g., Etsy, eBay).

With a maximum RPM of 3000 rpm, the Four E’s Lab Vortex Mixer incorporates a changeable speed knob.

Additionally, it is built to combine bottles, which have capacities of up to 50 mL, which is more than enough for all significant model paint brands.

The suction cups for feet are a cool feature you’ll see. While it shakes and mixes your paint, these enable it to “stick” on your desktop.

This is a benefit for anything this potent because it keeps the noise levels down and stops your table from amplifying that energy.


  • Strong motor
  • Using a touch screen
  • 50mL volume is large
  • Suction feet made of rubber for stability


  • Heavy
  • A bit too loud

2. Vortex-Genie from Scientific Industries

Scientific Industries Vortex Genie (version 2)

Similar to the mixer mentioned above, its price represents the strength and expert dependability of these motorized devices.

For DECADES, this mixer will function daily under severe use without requiring extensive maintenance.

What do you suppose the origin of the rebranded Typhoon Vortex mixers is? They are industrial lab vortex mixers that have been rebranded, and reskinned.

Of course, Scientific Industries Vortex Genie was the first. Therefore, you can save money if you can get a secondhand system.

With a mixing speed ranging from 600 to 3200 rpms, the Typhoon paint mixer and the Vortex Genie perform equally effectively.

The mixer features rubber feet and is very hefty (up to 9 pounds), which helps prevent it from bouncing off your desk while in use.

When you are mixing paint, you most likely won’t need to run it through its touch function for very long.

It is that potent. Additionally, the Vortex Genie comes with some cool extras.


  • Long-standing heavy-duty technology
  • Power fluctuant Motor: 600-3200 rpm
  • Versatile open vortex platform design
  • Steady blending
  • Durable and trustworthy


  • Heavy
  • Expensive

3. Bench Mixer Vortexer BV1000-E by Benchmark Scientific

The strong, no-nonsense Benchmark Scientific BV1000-E Bench Mixer Vortexer. Why spend money on this mixer?

Considering that you are a skilled or enthusiastic modeler who works with obstinate agents and creative materials.

You can be a part of a group of studio painters. All your studio will require is one of these mixers.

The changeable knob on this vortex mixer is a really practical feature, especially for modelers and hobbyists.

A vortex paint mixer like this one can assist in achieving the ideal mix consistency for heavy viscosity primers.

I haven’t personally experimented with agitating miniatures submerged in paint-stripping solution with these strong mixers.

Ultrasonic cleaners can be used to remove paint or clean models and miniatures (like these).

Using the Benchmark Scientific BV1000-E BenchMixer Vortexer, you may acquire a motorized mixer that runs at 200–3200 rpms and is powered by 230V.

It is ideal for combining paint bottles and pots from the major model paint companies.

Because it can handle mixing of any amount up to 50mL (typical for lab work) (even the taller pots from Games Workshop).

The mixer has an innovative counter-balancing mechanism with improved Q-Drive that enables the system to run at maximum speeds while being quieter.

Perfect for a hobbyist who works from home and doesn’t want to disturb the family.


  • Q-drive system for powerful and silent performance
  • Able to function in low-temperature conditions
  • Variable speed control, 200–3200 RPM
  • Reasonably small frame
  • Suction-free no-walk shoes


  • Slightly heavy
  • Fairly pricey

4. Oxford Benchmate Digital Vortex Mixer (VM-D)

The Oxford Benchmate VM-D Digital Vortex Mixer doesn’t cut corners and is a stunning mixer.

This motorized vortex mixer has several amazing capabilities, and it costs less than some gaming systems.

With a speed range of 300 to 4200 rpm, this is the list’s MOST powerful vortexer.

The Oxford Benchmate includes a digital readout that updates every 5 seconds while it is functioning, unlike the other vortex mixers on this list and the Typhoon paint mixer.

It has a mode for silent operation! Additionally, a timer set between 1 and 999 minutes can be used to run this mixer continually.

Do you have the ability to use this device for the full 999 minutes, or 16.65 hours? This machine’s powerful motor could possibly make that happen.

There is also an indefinite operation mode, in which the mixing will never stop.

The ultimate mixer for hobby paint? Your choice!


  • Strongest vortex mixer (up to 4200 rpms)
  • Dependable heavy-duty performance
  • Speed and time are displayed digitally.
  • Integrated timer
  • Touch-based or ongoing operation


  • Relative size and weight
  • Pricey

5. The Labnet S0200 Model VX-200 Vortex Mixer with CombiCup Head

The most small mixer is the Labnet S0200 Model VX-200 Vortex Mixer with CombiCup Head.

This is a sturdy little machine compared to the other vortex mixers on the list.

It packs a tremendous punch considering its 5.5-pound weight and variable-speed motor’s maximum speed of 3400RPM (second most powerful motor of the mixers).

The Labnet Vortex Mixer, which has received rave reviews, can take any separated media (like paint) and transform it back into a fluid working solution in just 2-3 seconds!

It can run at slower rates than other mixers, and features a touch or continuous operation switch (which means less noise and added gentleness when needed).

Rubber feet and an integrated anti-vibration system offer stability.

The mixer also comes with various cup attachments that enable it to accommodate bottles of various shapes and sizes.

I’m looking at you strange-looking, tall cans and bottles of primer.


  • Wonderful online reviews
  • Small footprint, short stature, and compact size
  • Quite light (5.5lbs)
  • Up to 3400 revolutions per minute
  • Built-in anti-vibration system and stable rubber feet


  • Kind of pricey

Most Popular Budget Vortex Paint Mixer

LabGenius Mini-Vortex Mixer

The LabGenius Mini Vortex Mixer with Touch Function is no slouch.

The LabGenius is the mixer that the miniature painting community most frequently suggests because it is one of the most reasonably priced vortex paint mixers.

The LabGenius Mini Vortex Mixer is ideal for combining biological substances delicately to vigorously, or for us, those difficult colors.

Any bottles up to 50mL can be fully handled by this miniature vortex mixer (which is more than enough for any miniature paint brand bottle shape or size).

To use the touch screen, simply press the paint bottle into the mixing cup to start the motor. This small mixer’s compactness and portability are absolutely wonderful features.

It is less than 1.25 pounds (or 0.55kg). You may take the small vortex mixer everywhere you choose to pursue your passion, including conventions.

Last Word

In a nutshell. You need to combine those obstinate acrylic paints. And you want to finish it quickly and painlessly.

Money also takes up time. These all-capable vortex mixers will quickly shake and stir those model paints.
super quick.

The features of vortex mixers are not present in less expensive paint mixers because they are made to run continuously throughout the day.

Cheers to mixing paint!

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