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The Top 10 Paint Cups You Need For Hobbies And Painting

Paint Cups for Hobbies and Painting

Do you require a cup of water to rinse your paintbrushes?

Yes, every painter and artist must wash or rinse their brushes before or after a session.

You don’t have need a nice cup or mug to contain your solvent or rinse water.

Any non-porous container, such as a bowl or disposable paper cup, can be used.

These mugs may be ideal if you’re traveling or painting with children.

But if you’re looking for a paintbrush cup specifically, you’ve come to the correct place.

I’m constantly searching for unusual, innovative tools and supplies for my pastime of miniature painting.

You might enjoy this post if you’re a traditional artist. I came across this enormously specialized, artistic market while looking for the greatest water cup.

The design of a wonderful paint cup accessory can be simple or adorned with a variety of built-in features, such as removable lids, scrubbers, and other things.

You’ll appreciate having a tiny paint cup with locking lid and carry handle when you’re traveling.

Like this Leak-Proof Premium Brush Washer or the Collapsible Faber-Castell Artist Water Cup.

Perhaps you want something stylish to spruce up your hobby desk?

There are numerous designs for water paint cups (I highlight a few select favorites below).

Water/solvent rinse cups work well with other practical hobby paint storage racks and organizers in dedicated hobby spaces.

Do you want to know your options when looking for a cool paint cup to rinse your brushes?

The best paint rinse cup examples that would complement your ideal hobby workspace and miniature hobbies are shown in the following paragraphs.

Top 10 Paintbrush Cups for Painting Hobbies and Miniatures

The following are the top 10 paint mugs and cups for painting miniatures and other creative pastimes:

  1. Citadel Water Pot
  2. (All-in-One) Paint Brush Cleaner Rinse Cup for Fine Art
  3. Portable Brush Washer and Holder for Painting Brushes
  4. Cup for Non-Spill Paint by Sargent Art
  5. Palette Cups made of stainless steel
  6. Paintbrush Cleaner for Pucks
  7. Clic & Go Artist Water Cup by Faber-Castell
  8. Ceramic Coffee Mug with the message “Don’t Drink
  9. Paintbrush Cleaner
  10. Washing Bucket for Painting Brushes in Portable Stainless Steel

1. Citadel Water Pitcher

There’s a solid reason why The Citadel Water Pot is at the top of the list!

A thorough evaluation of the Citadel Water Pot is available (TL;DR – Amazing for miniature painting).

For miniature painters, the Citadel Water Pot works wonders. It has an anti-tip shape and a fair amount of water capacity.

This is extremely stable because the pot’s bottom is wider than its top. The water pot has a brush holder built into it.

You might be surprised to learn how helpful it is to rest your paintbrush on the water pot itself.

I was surprised at how frequently I unintentionally used this brush holder when I initially started using this water pot.

Form, I suppose, comes after function. There are “rib” textures inside the pot.

That function as a washboard for the brush bristles to gently agitate while cleaning.

All you need to do is swirl your brush along these ribs, and the texture-scrubbing motion will take care of the rest. It’s a cool function!

In conclusion, I heartily endorse the Citadel Water Pot. It thoughtfully combines form and purpose.

2. (All-in-One) Paint Brush Cleaner Rinse Cup for Fine Art

A miniature painter, artist, or enthusiast can find an all-in-one solution with the Paint Brush Cleaner Rinse Cup.

It is excellent for rinsing acrylic model painting or water coloring brushes.

Oil paints are sometimes used by miniature painters, and they are compatible with mineral spirit solvents.

This brush rinse cup is functional because it has a built-in brush holder around the top lip’s outside edge as well as inside.

If you want to soak your brushes’ bristles for a while (although you shouldn’t leave them in water for an extended period of time).

There is a silicon brush cleaning within the cup (e.g., the knobs on the bottom).

This will enable you to rapidly remove any paint or other debris from your brushes’ bristles while gently cleaning them.

A dish that will catch any drips from hanging brushes is positioned around the cup.

Additionally, it stabilizes the cup and keeps it from toppling over and spilling.

For artists of all genres, particularly miniature painters, this is a highly popular brush rinse cup!

3. Portable Brush Washer and Holder for Painting Brushes

Do you require a mobile paintbrush washer?

A simple design characterizes the Fivtyily Portable Collapsible Paint Brush Washer. It is simple and effective.

The rinser, which is made of soft silicon, functions nicely as a portable water cup. Everything, even your portable paint station, will fit in a compact space.

This brush washer may be cleaned with hot water and placed in the dishwasher because it is made of silicon.

The top-heavy form and somewhat reduced water volume are the only drawbacks. If you fill the container too high, there is a chance of leakage.

However, this is a fantastic replacement for single-use paper cups.

4. Cup for Non-Spill Paint by Sargent Art

Featuring a clever design, the Sargent Art Non-Spill Paint Cup is a multipurpose brush rinser.

This cup features a special funnel that is integrated into the top from a practical standpoint.

Due to this, even when the cup is turned on its side, the water will not run out. There is a snap-locking lid as well.

These carefully designed elements dramatically lower the possibility of spills and mishaps.

Despite having a little volume, the cup’s overall design elevates the pastime to the next level of risk management.

You also have easy access to your frequently used brushes thanks to the two brush holders on the top of the cup. simple and helpful

5. Palette Cups made of stainless steel

The Stainless Steel Palette Cups are designed especially for painters who must be on the go.

This is a straightforward metal design that may be used to carry mineral spirits or water for acrylic painters (for oil painting).

It is an inexpensive, straightforward cup for rinsing your brushes.

This palette cup doesn’t have a cover or any other features, but it does have a spring clip that you can use to attach it to the edge of a thin board or palette.

This cup’s volume is smaller as well, which is to be expected for a portable accessory.

The smaller volume is irrelevant when using oil paints because you don’t require much solvent to rinse or clean your brushes in between colors. Look it up!

6. Paintbrush Cleaner for Pucks

Any other water cup can benefit from the brush cleaning accessory known as the Paint Puck Brush Cleaner.

Simply place the paint puck in the chosen container. Scrub your brush bristles using the gentle silicon knobs.

The texture will help you clean the bristles like a toothbrush by opening up the filaments.

The paint puck is an inexpensive and practical option for people who want to use another cup as their rinse cup or washer.

7. Clic & Go Artist Water Cup by Faber-Castell

Another fantastic collapsible brush-rinsing cup is the Faber-Castell Clic & Go Artist Water Cup.

This is a good choice if you’re traveling or looking for a small brush water container. The cup can hold 12 ounces or 350 milliliters of water.

This is a strong, heavy-duty painting accessory made of latex-free PVC.

Although not intended for solvents, this is great for hobbyists who need to pack up and go.

Additionally, the cup’s top has numerous brush holders that function even when they are collapsed.

8. Ceramic Coffee Mug with the message “Don’t Drink”

Don’t Drink This: The Paint Water A standard ceramic mug, such as one for coffee or another beverage of your choice, is a ceramic coffee mug with an added benefit.

It is correctly labeled! Have you ever used the wrong cup to dip your paintbrush into? If you haven’t, you definitely will.

Makes a wonderful gift or office mug; for example, it’s a great topic of conversation.

Alternately, combine it with the paint puck (see #6 above) and use it for your hobby of painting miniatures.

Of course, this could be very helpful and will hold a lot of water or solvent. This can be quickly cleaned in the dishwasher, just like real dishware.

9. Paintbrush Cleaner

The Artist Brush Washer combines a brush dryer and cleaner.

The best way to dry and store brushes is with the bristles facing downward, and a spiral brush holder located above the rinser container does just that.

A strainer located inside the brush rinser allows you to scrub your brushes while letting loose pigment and other debris fall to the bottom of the cup washer.

The washer’s overall size is quite large, making it easy to use any brush when painting miniatures and models.

The lid on the container is present, but it is not watertight. Therefore, it is not intended for travel.

Instead, it serves to prevent jarring splashes and the accumulation of outside debris in your cup while you’re away.

Overall, this is a practical three-in-one answer for cleaning, storing, and caring for brushes.

Excellent results when used with water for acrylic painting or mineral or white spirit solvent for oils.

10. Washing Bucket for Painting Brushes in Portable Stainless Steel

My preferred portable brush rinser/washer is the Portable Stainless Steel Painting Brush Washing Bucket.

It has an internal strainer that allows you to gently swish your bristles through while letting pigment and debris fall to the bottom.

If you’re oil painting miniatures or models, this is especially nice.

The washing bucket is ideal for any hobby application because it can hold a lot of water or solvent.

When the clamps are in place, a rubber gasket on the lid forms a watertight seal. Literally, you can tip this washer upside down and nothing will drain.

The metal carry handle is a sweet addition and does the job well. When I want to work in a different room at home or outside, I bring this with me.

I don’t have to throw away water or solvent every time I need to move around thanks to the cover and handle.

For those of you looking for a portable brush rinser/cup, I wholeheartedly recommend this. It’s also reasonably priced!

Last Word

Depending on your individual requirements, such as portability, preference for versatility, and aesthetic appeal, the best paint brush cup, rinser, or mug will vary.

A dedicated brush rinsing accessory will last years in place of using cheap, disposable paper or plastic cups, adding value to your hobby and preventing unnecessary waste.

You have countless options for holding brush water or solvent, to put it mildly. Naturally, I’m sure I missed some.

Keep checking back for updates as I find more amusing and useful brush cleaning/rinsing tools for painting miniatures, models, and other things.

Have fun painting!

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