5 essential items for miniature painting station
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Top 5 Essential Items for Your Miniature Painting Station

An Introduction To The Miniature Painting World

In this article, we will give you the essential items to build your miniature painting station.

Every once in a while, people come into the miniature world with no idea of what it is or how to go about it.

It’s often the same situation, people may be interested in miniatures but are not sure where to start.

The purpose of this article is to give an introduction to all those interested in the world of miniature painting.

The whole process starts by selecting a miniature or model kit that appeals to you.

Next, you will need paint, brushes, and something called a “pin vice“.

Don’t worry! The article will go into detail about what these tools are and why they’re necessary for painting miniatures.

The basics of painting miniatures don’t take long to teach, but the more advanced techniques can be difficult for someone new or inexperienced in this practice.

How to Get Started With Your Miniature Painting Station 

First, you will need a table to work: Your miniature painting station such as the HobbyTrayz Station.

Of course, the quickest way to learn how to paint minis is by looking at how other people doing it. You can also check out painting tutorials on YouTube or find a master painter in your area and take a private class from them.

The success to painting minis comes come from the process of trial and error.

The 5 Essential Items You Need for Your Miniatures Painting Station

The following are the 5 essential items you need for your miniatures painting station.

  • Painting Station – The first thing you need for your miniature painting station is a solid surface to paint on. You can use a table or even some cardboard that has been taped down to the floor. This will provide an area for you to paint without having to worry about spilling paint on the floor or your carpet.
miniature painting station
  • Brushes – The next thing you need is brushes. Online, I recommend the Artistik Brushes Starter Kit. You can also find inexpensive brushes at most art stores, but don’t expect them to last long if they are used often. It’s a good idea to have a variety of sizes and shapes of brushes available on hand, as well as some different types of paint thinners and cleaners available on hand in case things get messy during your projects.
brushes for miniature painting station
  • Toothpick – A perfect tool for applying paint to the smallest details of your figure. Keep in mind that the toothpick can also be used as a miniature door with a glue dot and a cork on your miniature paint station.
  • Cork – A very practical accessory to hold your figure in the air without having to put your fingers on it. Simply stick a toothpick in the cork and stick the other end of the cork to the base of the figure for example.
cork to hold warhammer figurine while painting
  • Two containers of water – one to clean your brush between colour changes, the other to thin your paint when necessary. With a bit of newspaper to spread your paint, you’re done.
water for miniature painting station

If you’re thinking of starting your own warhammer painting project with your new miniature painting station, we’ve written an article on how to get a new project off to a good start right here.

The Best Miniature Paints to Use When Getting Started – Mastering the Art of Miniature Painting Station

We all want to be able to paint miniatures like the professionals, but it takes practice.

This guide will help you decide what paints to use when getting started with miniature painting.

What are the best miniature paints for beginners? It really depends on your situation, experience level and what you need the paints for. There are so many options out there that it can be difficult to choose.

But the best paint for miniatures is definitely citadel paint Army Painter Kit!

miniature painting supplies

8 Tools I Wish I Had When Starting With Warhammer

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  1. Oh, okay. It never crossed my mind that enough water supply is necessary to allow us keep the cleanliness of our art brushes altogether. My nephew plans to create a special miniature of his school as a farewell gift before he moves back to his parents’ hometown next month. I’ll ask him to keep this trick in mins so the end result will look beautiful.

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